Draw for Kay Motsepe Schools Cup

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Dr Danny Jordaan From South African Football Association Ms Nosipho Xulu from Motsepe Foundation

The Motsepe Foundation is once more involved in building the nation

through communities - this time through Sports and Education.

It has always been soccer but, for the first time in 2016, Netball is also included.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE), the South African Football Association (SAFA), the South African Schools Netball  (SASN) and the Motsepe Foundation held a draw for this tournament.

Mahlomola Morake, the MC of the draw, explained that the games will be played as follows:

Soccer from the 3rd - 8th October 2016

Netball from the 6th - 8th October 2016

Venue - University Of Johannesburg (UJ) - Soweto Campus

It’s a National cup with schools from all 9 provinces and all kinds from rural, townships and suburbs. There will be 18 soccer teams, 2 teams from each province, and 36 Netball teams also from all 9 provinces. For soccer the winning school will walk away with R1 million that will go to the school; the second prize will be R600 000; and the third prize will be R500 000. For Netball the top three teams will go to play in Singapore.          

From the Motsepe Foundation, Ms Nosipho Xulu expressed their appreciation on being part and being associated with such a tournament and also for partnering with Education, SAFA and Netball Schools. She thanked the parents, teachers and the community at large for their support - especially the Netball Unit for such hard work they are doing in communities. She said that it would be nice to get such support from soccer as well. She urged people from the public to support the games at the premises of the University of Johannesburg.

Dr Danny Jordaan of the South African Football Association boldly said if we take care of our children at schools (because that is where every child should be) this will serve as the contribution that all the partners involved in this tournament will be doing to the society.

The significance of this cup is that it embraces all the schools and does not only choose certain ones which shows transformation. As stakeholders they hope this tournament produces players for the Premier Soccer League and the National Squad whereby the grand prize for soccer will assist to transform the school and fulfil the school’s dreams, as well as bring a better environment. Credit should be given to the Motsepe Foundation and the Motsepe Family because they still believe that by connecting sports to education it will build individuals. This means building children which will lead to building schools and eventually building better communities. For Dr. Jordaan personally this is more than just a sport tournament and SAFA is proud to be part of it.

Ms Angy Kgomo Kekana from the South African Schools Netball, excitedly explained how, when this opportunity came to their office, it moved the staff. They were away when they received the news that the tournament this year includes netball. She said that they could not believe it until they got the invite in black and white. She also said that this tournament increased the number of netball teams that registered with them and, as it stands, 5300 schools have already registered for under 15s only, in both township and rural schools, She was convinced that by this huge number in netball teams, the soccer teams will also want to take part and therefore increase.

She added that, even if the netball teams do not get money, playing in Singapore is actually to them worth more than the R1 million which is the first prize for soccer. It will open doors and give the girls international exposure so that they can come back home and spread what they have learned and make their teams at home better in terms of standard and quality.

Mr Bongani Zondi from Department of Education explained that the department's role in all this - saying all will be given the same treatment where, in this case, education will instil discipline, principles, and time management. He was extremely proud that this time the tournament is targeting the girl child as well and so much passion is shown from the ground - people supporting their children and showing that this is a societal issue where everyone gets involved.

MC - Mr Mahlomola Morake  Mr Bongazi Zondi from Department of Basic Education Ms Angy Kgomo Kekana from South Africa School NetballThe champions last year were Clapham in Gauteng and the soccer teams drawn were as follows: 

Group A

Rosina Sedibane

Glenwood KZN

Gaopalelwe NW

Thembalethu WC

Benny Care L

Ncedo EC

Group B

Langberg NC

Clapham H GP

Luckhoff WC

Dr Cingo FC

Charles Morgan EC

Sikhulile MP

Group C

Tshedimosetso NW

AJ Ferreira NC

Hasani Mninginisi L

Harmony FC
Bondzeni MP

Sekusile KZN 

The netball teams are as follows:

Under 15 A

Paarl Gimnasium (WC)

Potchestroom Volkskool (NWP)

Noordkaap (NC)

HTS Witbank (MP)

Pietersburg (L)

Kuswag (KZN)


Sentraal (FS)

Pearson (EC)

Under 15 B

Bethlehem Voortrekker (FS)

Eldoraigne (G)

Shayamoya (KZN)

Ben Vorster (L)

HTS Middleburg (MP)

Duineveld (NWP)

Bloemhof (WC)

Under 15 UA

Lentegeur (WC)

Machakela (NWP)

Carlton Van Heerden (NC)

Ezakeni (MP)

Millinium (L)

Nhlanhla Yethu (KZN)

Seageng (G)

Navalsig (FS)

Kareedouw (EC)

Under 15 UB

Namwadala (EC)

Rainbow (FS)

MOM Sibone (G)

Muziwesiwe (KZN)

Morwathebe (L)

Fumane (NNP)

De Kruine (WC)