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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Veronica Mofokeng (9) went missing from her home

on 6 September in Block R- Soshanguve, North of Tshwane. She was last seen wearing a blue jean and a white top with no shoes.

Vero’s Grandmother Agnes Mashoo (48) told Spotlight that she last saw her when she arrived home from work,

“I brought her a drink around 3pm and she said to me that she’ll drink it later when she comes back from playing with friends, I then put it in the fridge. Time went by and I started to look for her until it got late”,

“I then looked for her from the neighbours and around our area with the help of the community members, we even went to search for her at a park in block W, Soshanguve unfortunately we never found her” said Grandma.

The next morning Ms Mashoo went to open a case of a missing child at a Soshanguve Police Station. Little Veronica is a Grade 4 pupil at Nchuncheko Primary School in Block R- Soshanguve.

“I am appealing to the community members to help us to find Veronica, I can’t sleep, I am just thinking of my granddaughter” said Ms Mashoo.

Anyone with information can contact Ms Mashoo on 072 192 0711 / 079 090 2005 / 012 712 2109.

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