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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Puseletso Sechabeng project for physically challenged and the aged based in Killarney - Orlando West 2, Soweto was established in 2009 by Thelma Nombuyiselo Modisanyane.

According to Nombuyiselo these days people have tendency of being neglectful when it comes to sick, physically challenged and senior citizens.

“If you can secretively visit houses in our townships you will discover a lot of bed- ridden people without anyone at their calls for help, that is how I was touched and inspired to start this organization, she said.

Nombuyiselo is a wife to Tebogo Denise Modisanyane and a mother of two girls and one boy. In her family house they have two in-laws mentally challenged patients from her husband's family who are staying with them.

"I couldn't manage to look for employment because there was nobody to look after them during the day, for that reason I decided to be their caregiver. Said: Mrs Modisanyane.

"Taking care for them was not an easy task especially without proper knowledge understanding of mentally challenged patients",

"I enrolled for home based care and auxiliary nursing courses so that I can be able to face any challenge with full knowledge because mentally challenged patients are not mentally stable and they can also be dangerous to themselves and others" Nombuyiselo said.

After accomplishing her mission of learning 'home based care and auxiliary programs' that included practical experiences of visiting patients at their homes to look after them, that is where she truly witnessed the suffering of other people especially those with disabilities and bedridden.

" To our discoveries they were not only neglected but some being sexually abused or physically abused"

"I was touched and I wanted to be more committed to their proper home care, I discussed this issue with Tebogo my husband and the solution was to run the program from our home because by then we had already two patients in our home", She said.

With the approval and support of her husband, the organization was formed. As the demand for manpower grew her husband joined forces with her.

"We have recruited those we believed to have passion to care for physically challenged and the aged, surprisingly they responded quickly because they believed it was an employment opportunity" she said.

When the recruited ones discovered that it was a voluntary service they disappeared without saying 'goodbye', however the organization still have those who are committed and dedicated to their calling.

Nombuyiselo said that from their services they managed to restore many lives, "Our services includes all house chores, medication to patients and taking patients to clinics or hospitals for medical treatments"

Tebogo said that they started by looking for people who need help in the community,
" We have a lot of disability in our community, we received a lot complaint of negligence from the destitute individuals who needed help, he said.

These services are offered by Puseletso Sechabeng Project for Physically Challenged and the Aged which are achieved by dedicated and passionate caregivers who offered their services voluntarily.

“We didn't call Spotlight Newspaper to complain but we called Spotlight Newspaper to assist us towards finding sponsorships for cosmetics, laundry consumables, and food for our patients and our caregivers because they don't have incomes for services they offering to the community. Financial donations will also be appreciated towards monthly stipends to our home based caregivers and to improve the project", said Mr Modisanyane.

Tebogo further said that they'll also highly appreciate vehicle sponsorship for transportation of caregivers to patients, we also run protective workshops in our centre for the aged and those with physical disabilities, and we collect them at their homes in the morning and return them to their homes after hours. 

This is to assure that they receive protection, daily care and balanced daily nutrition. We keep them active by involving them in physical activities like needlework and the likes. We need transport for distant patients especially during rainy days. We will also use the vehicle to attend emergency calls from our patients especially in the middle of the nights”.

If you interested to know about Puseletso Sechabeng project for physically challenged and the aged, you can physically visit at 8890B Hennessy Street, Killarney, Orlando West 2, Soweto or you can call Nombuyiselo Modisanyane at +27786953022 /  +2711 074 4521. 

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